Monday, November 7, 2011

Still moving

So it's been so long I don't know where to start.... And I have made so many attempts at this ... We will see if this one works.... Life is going kids are growing up way to fast and I hate it...but they are adorable and make me happy...

Chaney is loving school and is loving to read... She played soccer this fall and loved every min... I have to say how grateful I am to her coach!! Chaney loved him...would not stop talking about him... I love how heavenly father sends us these sweet tender mercies...even in a soccer coach!!! Chaney said she finally found something she loves to to do... So we are happy about that.... She's my sweetheart!!!

Mason is all boy!!! He's loving preschool has the best teacher... I can't wait to see what she says about him next week.....I can only imagine the things he tells his teacher... he came home the other day and while I was doing hair downstairs, he was in the kitchen for a while...he came down with a cookie sheet and a broken egg on it with a face on it... He said, look mom it's humpty dumpy...then he told me the story..he said, I just used the counter for the wall... All of it was in the pan!!! Guess he was paying attention to all the details at school.... So cute..... I substituted in primary a couple weeks ago and sat behind mas during singing time....he was singing sosososoosso loud... I'm friends with his teacher and so I asked her...uh does he do this every week? is this his normal voice?... she just smiled and said yes... I tried to tell him to sing quieter but he was too excited... What do ya do??? He growing up so fast!!!!! Still loves all holidays and birthdays!!! He asked me today how much longer until his bday!!! Only 10 months!!!

Landon is the cutest most spoiled little 2 year old...he melts my heart and he knows it... He's a little talker... he always asks his brother (how was school mas)??? And he won't stop until mas answers him... One day he asked me if mas had to go to school. i said yes. he says, oh dang it. (in his sweet little voice!!!)) they are such good buddies... Laughing one min, crying the next, wrestling the next...and then it all starts over... My favorite thing that landon says is you ask him who he looks like and he says (my daddy) with this huge Jordan smile... I think I ask him a little too much but I can't help it..!!! I got my wisdom teeth out and landon asked me if my cheeks hurt?? I said, yes... he says, oh sorry I kiss em!! He's such a sweetie... How can you not give him anything he wants...

I can't believe it's November and the holidays are coming!!! I've been thinking back to last year!! Oh, I'm so glad it's been another year... I seem to be in a better place... I seem to have a little better understanding of this crazy life!!! A little, anyway, with I'm sure much more to learn... I like where I'm at though... I can feel the love that my heavenly father has for me each and everyday in so many moments of the day!!! I can't believe how many angels heavenly father sends my way to help with everything!!!
  • I still haven't had to take my garbage to the curb!!
  • I still have a sweet friend that takes care of my lawn...
  • And another who does my garden and brings us produce every week...
  • so many more...
  • have the best neighbors... Who they would never say they were sick of us wild mingos but sometimes I worry... they do so much for us...
I just started a new book....I can't believe how good it is. its called, "Love Life and See Good Days" by Emily Freeman... she talks about how Christ feeds the 5 thousand and after they got in the boat the disciples noticed they only had one loaf of bread with them... they were worried... Christ being confused asked them why they were worried??? Did they forget the miracle that they had seen just minutes ago?? He asks them how is it that ye do not understand??? The disciples were only focused on the problem of only having one loaf of bread..... They had forgotten that He With Whom They Traveled Was Capable Of Fulfilling Their EVERY Need- if only they had faith... where Christ is, faith may ever expect all that is needful... It makes me happy... I am happy to know Christ travels with me in my journey. If we let Him, he will travel with all of us... I was laughing out loud one min and crying the next ... Such a good book... I'm not done yet, but so far it's all in our perspective and how we see things... And how we can always focus on the good!! It's just easier to focus on the good!!!!!
Life is good for the mingos... We are learning growing crying laughing loving and still moving around here !!!! Thanks to all these wonderful people around us !!! Thanks for all you do for us love shell


  1. You do have a very cute, wonderful family. I love them all so much! I miss Ole Jordan still so much 2! I hope he knows we love him so much and can't wait to see him again. You are a wonderful Mommy, Shelley. You are doing a great job with your wonderful kids. We all love to help you. Never forget that, and be sure to let us know when we can help more! Love you, Jenni

  2. Shelley, you are awesome. I panicked when I saw the title - immediately thought, "No! You cannot move away from us!" So grateful that wasn't the kind of moving you were talking about. We watch you a lot, you know. Your strength becomes our strength. Your courage and fortitude are a lesson to all of us. I am certain there must be days when it is still very, very hard, though, and am ashamed that we haven't been more there for you. We love you. Do let us know what we can do to help (hate how hollow that sounds - please know it's offered in all sincerity). You are a beautiful family. Jordan must be beaming with pride!

  3. Shelley,
    YOU are amazing. I am so grateful to get an update on life--so glad that you are carrying on in only the way that you could. You are a wonderful mom, you have BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING kids and they will be so blessed because of the love that you and Jordan still have for each other. Hugs to you all :D

  4. Your kids are so adorable! You have such a wonderful perspective, despite your trials. Thanks for being such a good example. You're wonderful :)

  5. oh Shelley I miss you sooo much!!!!! I started crying when I read this cuz I miss being able to come talk to you and share your amazing spirit!!! I miss seeing your sweet kids when I come and get my hard done. you are sooo amazing and have always been such an example to me!!!! keep up all your amazing good, hard work for your family, you are sooo strong!!!!
    love ya

  6. So glad to see a new post Shelley! You and your kids look wonderful!

  7. Wonderful Shell, Thanks for the update. I am so proud of you as I am sure your Eternal Father is! I guess we have trouble first in our lives and then come the blessings. And then more troubles and more blessings. It is the nature of our tests in life. After all, life is just a test and then we graduate on to our eternal blessings. I am sure our Father has a wonderful mansion for you and your family.
    Sure love you Shell! You are the BEST!
    Love Dad

  8. Oh and by the way you didn't introduce us to your new son. Looks like #4?? again love dad

  9. Shel I love your post. Love the picture!!!! Fabulous. I am so glad I am your mommy. You are so wonderful. You are everyones friend. You are loving, kind, caring, unselfish, giving, fun, great perspective. You have really grown in Christ. I think you are the perfect Christlike example for all of us. Love you much mom

  10. What a cute family. The best. Love that you are back blogging. Look forward to more post about those three cute kidlets...hugs..Shelley

  11. I am so happy that you are doing good...I still think about your little family, and pray for you. I love the picture :) your kids are growing so much!

  12. You guys all look wonderful. You all are amazing and little Landon does look exactly like Jordan. What a sweet little spirit. You're such a great mom Shelley. Keep smiling. :)

  13. Shelley! wow. how awesome to see you smiling so big, with the most ADORABLE ....I mean ADORABLE kids. You're doing a good job with them Shelley. We are all so proud of you. You are an inspiration to all of us! Jordan must be so proud of you and loving you even more...every day! Hugs and hugs. Keep blogging...I love it! Auntie BARB

  14. P.S. LOVE This picture of you guys!!! Your little family is sooooooooooo cute!!!

  15. So, so happy to see an update from you! We're glad you're doing so well. You and your kids are just gorgeous! Keep it up Shelley, you're such an inspiring woman! ♥/ Kim & Nate