Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Good moments today!!!

I finished my book !!!Love Life and See Good Days By Emily Freeman!!!! Oh it's is so good I know I talked about it before ..She tells such good stories and good scriptures!!!! Made me feel like I can love life and see good days which really means to be happy and see the good in everything !!!! I want to share a couple things that I really like ....this is a long list but I love every word.....
She says.....
May you see a good day.

May your perspective be governed by Light, laughter,and discernment .

If mountain moments come your way,
may you rise above and continue your journey
Knowing the Lord is with you.

May the breaking of each day
Find you on your knees.

May you live after the manner of Happiness.

May your focus lead you to understand that God is in the details!!! (love that)!!!

As you pray each day for the answer you want,
May you remember that He might send The answer you need!!! (sometimes hard to remember) love it though

May your heart have great experience

May listing what you love allow you
To recognize your joys...

If sorrow comes your way,
May you sow in tears
And reap in joy

May you always remember the important days of your life,
Specially the days
When your testimony burned within.

May your eyes be quick to search
From one side of heaven unto the other
And recognize the great things
As tender mercies from the lord.

May the oil of gladness permeate your heart.

May everyday be a day of gladness
And a good day
Because you have chosen the good part.

Now I wish I could take credit for all this wonderful stuff.. She signs it by saying
This is my wish for you..... Emily Freeman....
Isn't that good stuff!!!!!!!
I love it so much!!!

So my day was a good one full of good moments some that pulled at my heart!!! I wanted to tell you a few of them....
Mason has preschool at 9:15 so I take Chaney and then drive to American fork ...well today we got there at 9:05..... I told mas we are kinda early we better wait... He was so excited and happy he just jumped out of the car and said ...oh it's ok mom see ya!!! I hesitated a min and then just let him go.... I just went about my day and went back to get him. my friend that usually brings him home is gone this week.
( makes me grateful for car pool) all though it's been fun to be able to get him.... Anyway when I got there his teacher told me that he tried to get in and the door was locked!!!! And she wasn't down stairs to let him in .. she thought she heard crying but didn't see him....little bit later her neighbor knocked on the front door with mas....... My heart dropped !!!! My mind raced to all the things that could've happened and I just basically felt like the worst mom ever!!! Who just drops there kid off 10 mins early and doesnt look back. His teacher is amazing and was sweet about it ..she was so worried mas was traumatized!!! He wasn't.....but I was !!! So we got in the car..... And I held masons little cute hand and I said mas tell me the story what happened.??? I love how mason tells stories his eyes get big and his voice changes.... He says well you dropped me off and when I went back there the door was locked.... But when I went back to see you. you were gone.... I started to cry ....then I said a prayer. And I said heavenly father thankyou that you could help me find my way back home.....OR let me get into my teachers house........ (I'm crying at this point of his story).... He says then this nice lady came and helped me.... So sweet and so simple.... I said so mason Hevenly Father answered your prayer because that lady came to help you ...he said ya I know.... I'm not sure who is the parent here....... He had it all under control... I'm having a moment and can't stop crying partly because I just felt so terrible that I just left him... And mostly because He knew that he could say a prayer ....THAT WAS THE FIRST THING HE THOUGHT OF.!!!!!! And that Hevenly Father ANSWERED his prayer... That even though his crazy mom was off .... Hevenly Father was there to PICK UP THE PIECES and keep him safe!!!
I promised the teacher to never be early again!!! Just another tender mercy for me!!!! Hevenly father loves us and cares so much....

Another thing that happened today .. I wanted to go to this sewing group tonight .our ward is making a Christmas quilt!!! So cute!!!! But I didn't know what to do with my kiddos!!! I feel like I'm always getting a babysitter.... I didn't want to for one more thing!!! So I just decided to take them!!!!
I told them if they were good and didn't pull fabric and thread all over I'd buy them an ice cream cone.... They didn't want to go very bad !!! But When we got there I was so overwhelmed by the love and the open arms that were there from theses sweet ladies in our ward.... I couldn't believe it...I even had a speech prepared for when they asked me why I brought them.... I should've known they wouldn't ask... They just keep telling me how good they were and to please come again!!! And how glad and happy they were to have us I keep trying to hold back the tears.... Love the women in my ward!!! They really didn't have to be that nice.....but they were!!!! Now My square that I made for my blanket is another story!!!! We will see how it turns out!!!!

Anyway good things today.... My heart is so grateful for so many reasons today.. I can't help but think that Jordan was there with mas helping us out!!!! Masons teacher said they were talking about things they were grateful for and mas said his daddy!!!! I know he's helping me....and whispering good things in our ears!!!! And keeping us going!!! So happy to have him on our side helping us get through this crazy life....not how we planned he would....but helping us as our angel from heaven......And my heart goes out to those around me that may have a heavy heart right now....It seems like there are so many sad things going on right now Im always hearing about someone going through a hard thing or a mountain moment as emily Freeman would say!!! One more thing in her book she says is....

WE WILL SEE THE GOOD THROUGH OUR TEARS. and after the tears there will be JOY. The saddness will not surround us forever.
WE must remember that it is often through unexpected and even painful circumstances that we are led to discover the good that we otherwise would never see....
Not saying that you can't have a moment and cry your eyes out!!! I do it often..... But then sit back and find the good!!!! I hope and pray for all around me that there will be plenty of good to find!!! Love shell


  1. Shelley! I'm so glad you went to the quilting class tonight. I'm so sad I didn't. I have pink eye and have only been on antibiotics for a few hours. :( Are you going to keep coming? I hope so. I love you - you are such a good example to me and I hope I can be like you when I grow up! xoxoxoLeslie

  2. Oh, my heart goes out to you and your "Mommy" moment and I know that telling you there isn't a mom around who hasn't had an experience like that probably won't help, but know that we all have. Here's the part I heard, though, in case you didn't catch it: There's a little guy who has been taught in his home the importance of prayer. There's a Mom who is living righteously and teaching her children the things Heavenly Father wants them to know. There's a Heavenly family alive and doing oh so well! You are a terrific Mom start to finish!

    It was so fun having the kids there last night. Please be sure to come back, and don't ever worry about bringing them with you! And that book sounds like a wonderfully uplifting one. Must buy me a copy!

  3. Shelley, I'm loving these regular updates! What a sweet post. Thank you for being so open about your trials etc. You're right about how it seems like so many people around us are going through something difficult. But I think hearing about other people's trials makes us grateful for our own. I couldn't imagine going through what you have, but I know there's plenty around me that couldn't imagine going through mine. The best advice I give myself is to not compare my weaknesses with others' strengths, or my trials with others' blessings. We each have our own custom set of trials to give us the potential to become who we need to be, and our own set of blessings to help us get through them. I just love you!!

  4. Shelley, Thanks so much for the post! It is nice to be reminded that sometimes we need to stop and look at all the good things in our lives. It seem like its usually easier to focus on the bad :) Don't be too hard on yourself, all mothers have moments like that. You have taught him very well, he knew exactly what to do. You are doing a fantastic job raising those kids. Jordan is proud.

  5. Hugs to you friend! You still are one AMAZING mother, person, and friend. Thanks for sharing your update--so glad to hear that life is good :D and that your kids are growing b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l-l-y. :D

  6. oh Shelley!!!! I LOVE your post today, I sooo needed to read it, the quotes from the book were amazing and I have to get it now. The story about Mason and how cute he is, and what a big testimony he has totally inspire to me be a better mom!!! you have the best spirit about you and have always been an example to me!!! thank you!!! sooo glad you are posting, I need it!!!
    miss ya lots!!!
    wendy Robinson

  7. So good to hear how you and the little ones are doing. You are so strong! The gospel makes us storng if we rely on it enough. Loved the book quotes. Emily sounds like an author who has the gift of putting our lifes feelings and moments into words. God Bless.

  8. Shelley, what a beautiful post! I'm so glad you're blogging--it's great to see your updates. You're still in my thoughts and prayers <3 Much love and blessings your way! =o)

  9. Hey Shelley- don't feel too bad! My parents left me at a gas station after a boating trip and got 30 miles away before they realized I wasn't there. I'll have to tell you that whole story sometime.