Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas and holidays!!!!

I can't believe that the holidays have come and gone!!! We have had so much fun being with family and friends. I wanted Christmas to last this year and to not be over in just one day... So any christmas thing we could do we did.....

Loved the lights at temple square ....we went with our wonderful neighbors... beautiful spirit there. We went to Christmas parties plays.... Kids had so much fun...

On one particularly wild Sunday was like landon had forgot how to be at church.... I keep telling him shshshhhh quiet .. Whisper.. sit still ... Don't move...the list goes on and on....finally I said landon you have to be quiet Jesus is watching... He looks at me and says out loud.... During the sacrament..... I thought santa was watching not jesus... So funny...

After sacrament my old bishop came up to me and asked how I was?? I said good.... He gave me this look like how can you be good after that sacrament meeting ??? must have been worse than I thought. (landon did throw a crayon at some one behind us. I was to scared to look back and see who that poor person was....) and we did have to rush out because mason was going to throw up because landon kept showing him his goldfish in his mouth... It was crazy..... But he was nice about it all gave me a hug... We came home and practiced church on the couch ...has been a little better!!!

At our ward Christmas party Santa came. I picked up landon to take him to see him.... He looked at santa and said....WHERES JESUS !!! I found myself trying to explain .... While in my mind thinking oh that would be nice!!!!!...couldn't help but think how great that would be to sit on
his knee....and have him wrap his arms around me.... And feel of his amazing spirit...and the love he can give me!!! I was so happy that my
little 2 year old knows about jesus...Happy that one day we will get to see him and hug him and just be with him!

This year I really felt bad for santa!!!! How is the world do you keep all these cute little kids happy and hopefully give them the things they are dreaming about especially if they keep changing there mind and adding new big things to there list!!! Santa only has so much money I kept telling my kids!!!! And then what do you do when Santa finds the perfect gift and then leaves it in the car....and the kids see them..... Oh I tell ya .... It was always something!!!! But seemed like all went well.... Happy happy kids....makes for a happy mom!!!

We had so many Christmas miracles this year.... There are so many good and wonderful thoughtful people around..... I hope and pray that all
who were apart of my Christmas miracles know how grateful and how loved we felt this holiday season....
From the hugs
the food
the gifts
the surprises
beautiful acts of kindness shown to us
none will be forgotten.... May heavens blessings be shown to all of you is my prayer!!!!
On one particular morning when someone had left some rather big things on our door step Chaney asked me
She said ( mom when you opened the door was it like magic everywhere??)
I said yes Chaney that is exactly what it was!!!!
She said it so perfectly!!!!
MAGIC EVERYWHERE loved that!!!!
I have felt that magic everywhere for a long time !!!
So grateful to a loving Hevenly Father who shows his love and care for me each day!!!
We went up to Idaho for christmas and stayed with my mom and grandpa bud .. And had lots of fun cousins to play with... Linz was there from Missouri.Jana from Idaho falls and rach from Blackfoot I'd.. It was fun to go home and be away for a while!!! We were able to spend some time with grandma mingo too... Me and the kids loved that and would not be christmas eve without yummy broccoli soup and apricot chicken and salad and homemade candy everywhere and peppermint ice cream !!!! Jordans favorite things!!! We acted out the nativity mas could not sit still he was so excited !!! Jamie my sweet sister in law and was there with her family it was Fun ....kinda quiet... Brought back lots of memories....
Christmas morning was wonderful!!! Wish we could have it on Sunday every year!!! I think it would be perfect!!!! Thanks again to all the wonderful Christmas miracles that came our way.....lots of love from shell

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