Monday, January 23, 2012

You matter to him!!!

I had to teach this last Sunday talk by president uchtdorf ( my favorite) his talk You Matter To Him). If your needing to be reminded of how much you are loved READ IT!!! it's a good one!! And I had to add a little bit of the forget me not talk too!!! Such wonderful good reminders in these two talks!!! By him....
I shared a story in my lesson that happened and I want to share it with you..... It had been a long week or two lots of crying and sad things going on for some reason... I couldn't figure out why... I felt so blessed but so down all at the same time... I kept praying and reading and trying to do good things but tears just kept coming.... One night as I was in the bathroom by the heater doing the ugly cry....praying my heart out sis called I told her I couldn't stop crying she said shell just tell hevenly father you need a HUG this point I was feeling bad that I was feeling bad,.... I'm so blessed I have so much how can I possibly ask for one more thing ....but I decided to ask.... I prayed for a hug.... I finished my prayer and then I read the last few pages in my book called ( happy like Jesus) highly recommend!!! It was just what I needed it's says in the last chapter to be still and know that I am god. And he says to us, I am your SAVIOR ; I am your REDEEMER; I am your COMFORTER. So be still and know that I am...... Love that!!!

And it quotes my favorite song well one of them anyway (I'm trying to be like jesus) !!! I've loved this song since I was little !!! I felt better !!! Went to bed the next day I had a full day of hair!!! About 4:30 I looked out my window to see my bishop and his wife coming to my door...he asked how the holidays were and then noticing that I had a house full said well we can come back another day I JUST NEED TO GIVE YOU A HUG!!!!!!! I tried not to cry my head off.... obviously tears of joy!!! Hevenly father heard my prayers!!! And sent someone who i love and respect so much to tell me .... Later That night when I could be still for a little bit and could think about what had happened that day .... I was in awe of my hevenly father... A huge reminder for me that I matter to him!!!! I was thinking today about all the people that I know and love and care about and thought I wonder if you know that you matter!!! That in all the crazy things that are going on day after day that

hevenly father is in every detail in our lives that he truly cares about everything that we care about and wants us to be happy!!! Just wanted you all to know that you matter today!!!! Love you all!!! If you need a hug just ask for one!!! Hevenly father will send you one In some way!!
He can do all things!!! Love shell


  1. ok you make me cry everytime I read your blog!!! but you are sooo amazing and your testimony comes through the computer and I can hear your voice and know how true everything is!! I LOVE this post and hearing how your prayers are answered. you always inspire me!! miss you!!!

  2. Shelly, your lesson was so inspiring and I loved this example then and love it now. Shared it with my family Sunday night. I think it's important to remember for all of us. He does truly care about everything that we care about.

    You are an awesome woman. It broke my heart to realize the lonely sad hours you must spend at times. Wish I knew how to help you through this, but am so grateful there are good people out there who know how to act on the promptings of the Spirit. I watch the strength you are and the beautiful things you do and wonderful mother you are, and know that there are some very important things happening, but I wish they could happen without the trials. I know God loves you. I know Jordan loves you, too. I'm guessing he was kneeling beside you and crying along with you. God bless you both.

  3. Shelly--you are Amazing!!! Thanks so much for sharing--that is so fabulous :) I need the reminder too :D

  4. Shelley, I just love you! You are so wonderful and such a great example of allowing your trials to mold you: like potters clay in the Master's hands. I'm convinced that at some point, each one of us will face at least one challenge in the life that will stretch us to our absolute limit. And it will take faith to trust that it won't be beyond our capacity to withstand. So many people, understandably, allow their heavy burdens to make them bitter and withdrawn. And then there are those like you. Despite the pain and the hard days, you keep putting one foot in front of the other, trusting that the Lord is paving a new way ahead of you.

    I'm so glad you have so many people nearby that are looking out for you, but if you ever still find yourself in need of anything, I'm just a phone call away! It was so nice to see you recently! I want to see you again before my annual hair cut! :)

  5. Shelly, your post brought tears to my eyes!! He really does listen to our prayers!! Thank you for reminding me of this!!

  6. Do you have any idea how many people you have touched through your strength and testimony!?! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Shelly, I'm glad I remembered your blog. I don't know if you will get this but just wanted u to know I was thinking about you this morning. I hope you are doing well! This post is beautiful. Much love, Mallory!