Friday, September 18, 2009

Jordans Rendezvous

Aunt Barb here:

Neal Maxwell speaking at Salt Lake Institute of Religion Devotional. 5 Jan 1983

"I certify to you that He loves us with a perfect love which brings Him to the rendezvous, (a meeting at a prearranged time and place), yet in the future for you.

He shall stand alone to greet at the entry to His Kingdom, 'for he employedth no servant there'.

He is there not only to certify our worthiness to enter, but because He loves us.

He waits for you, brothers and sisters, in the marvelous rendezvous which is so movingly portrayed in the scriptures...He waits for you with open arms. That is why He's there.

Do nothing to mar that moment. Do not allow yourselves to be deflected from the straight and narrow path, but seek to arrive at that rendezvous in such a circumstance, spiritually, that you can be DRENCHED WITH JOY and know that touch of those arms, for His arms of mercy and love are extended for you.

I CERTIFY to you that rendezvous is a reality. for some of you, it will come soon and some later, but it will come, if you are faithful. Of that, I testify!!!!"

I like knowing who greeted Jordan.

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  1. Shelley and I read those same thoughts in a book and wondered if what we read was really right. Then you emailed this and it was confirmed to us!!! We love it. I can't wait to be drenched!! mom and Shel