Sunday, September 27, 2009

to my special friend and sister

Today is Shelley Sue's Birthday!!! I have not stopped thinking about her today. I can't even imagine what she has been going through. I wanted to BRAG about her and let her know how much I LOVE her!!!! Some of the things I really admire in Shelley are...

  • dedicated mother... she is ALWAYS playing, teaching, and having fun with her kids. She always is thinking of what they can do next together. She loves being a mother and it is her first priority.
  • Christlike... everything she does reflects Christ and the way Christ would treat you.
  • devoted... she is VERY devoted in her testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ. I admire her testimony and how she is always working to make it stronger.
  • faithful... she has FAITH. Never doubting. ALWAYS a BELIEVER!!!!! She is a rock. And her actions speak this way.
  • patient... she is sooo patient with her kids. very calm and never "gets angry" or yells.
  • honest... she is is honest with all those whom she associates with. what a great example for her kids.
  • selfless... ANYONE who knows Shelley, knows this of her. She will give you the shirt off her back. she does things for people without expecting things in return.
  • good example... she is someone that others look up to... especially through the hard times she is having.
  • trustworthy... she can be trusted. anything you ask of her, she will do it with honor.
  • sincere... ALWAYS thinking of other people. she is soo sincere and genuine in all she does for other people.
  • charitable... the PURE love of CHRIST... you can see this in her eyes.
  • thoughtful... there have been many times i ask her what she is doing and she will tell me that she is doing something for someone because something happened... even something as little as when someone has had a bad day.
  • peacemaker... she never wants to be around contention. she does what she can to stop it from happening.
  • happy... shell always tries to find the sunshine through the rain. we know this.
  • fun... everyone wants to be around her. she has a contagious personality.
MANY MORE qualities I am sure I left out... that is quite a list... I KNOW Jordan is proud of you Shell!

Shell, I want you know how much I love you and how much I aspire to be like you. Not a moment goes by that I don't think, pray and wonder how you are doing. I wish I only lived a mile away... It didn't really bother me until now, that we are 12 hours apart. I really miss seeing you on a daily basis. I love you more than words can say. I really hope you had a great birthday. I wore white today to celebrate your being able to be with Jordan again! Aren't we grateful we know The Plan.



  1. I agree with everything Linzy said, and may I add...You're a wonderful sister too! Those Morgans are good kids! barb

  2. I agree Shelly is a very strong person. Of all the people that this could have happened to I think Shelly is strong enough to make it through this. I don't think I could. She will find strength in the Lord. Angels and family will be there to lift her up