Saturday, August 15, 2009


The Young Women and Young Men of their ward hosted a garage sale fund raiser for the Mingos today. It was well attended, and allowed people in the community a chance to show their love and support. Here is a picture of them presenting the proceeds to Shelley - $3,165!

People came ready and willing to donate. A plate of cookies and brownies were sold for $40. 25 cent items were bought for $10. So many people were wanting to help out.

Rod Works donated items.
Family donated items.
Friends donated items.

Everyone donated love.


  1. Thank you! you beautiful young people!
    I think Pres Monson would be proud of you!

  2. great job you guys! I really wish that i could have come...we were camping at a family reunion when we found out about Jordan & were unable to attend the funeral & yard sale. We are really sad & are praying for Shelley & her family..."Sunday" will come eventually. Lots of hugs!

  3. oh wow that is soo exciting.. I came out to support and there were never ending cars and people buying anything and everything!!! thank you sooo much for putting that on so we could come and help to support
    wendy robinson