Sunday, August 30, 2009

shell here..

we had stake conferene today. the children's choir sang, "families can be together forever." the whole theme was about temples. i think this is what is going to get me through this...

a quote was mentioned that i really liked by thomas s. monson:
"where is heaven? it's not very far when you're in the temple... it's right where you are."

at conference they also talked about taking a picture of your kids each year at the temple and displaying it in their rooms. and also a picture of our prophet.


  1. Keep your eternal perspective Shell and it will help you make it day by day. You only have to take one day at a time. You can do it!

    Hugs. barb

  2. First - Thank you, Shelley, for sharing with us.
    Second - RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE...LOVE that.
    Third - Love the picture/temple idea..precious. Fourth - Prayers continue

  3. The temple is a place to always feel closer to Him and understand his plan.. I love the idea of hanging temple pictures in the kids room. We always take pictures of the kids everytime we go to a temple or see one on our trips.. They get soo excited..
    Wendy robinson