Monday, August 17, 2009

To bear anothers burden

Arlene here:
Meeting family and friends tonight.
Funeral and burial tomorrow.
So hard.
Those who have buried a loved one know that some of the hardest days are the few right after the funeral.
It all seems so final.

Even those of us with testimonies of eternal life, and a Plan of Happiness.
There IS a plan of happiness, you know?
But just for a while...we feel sad, ok?
It seems final.
The busyness of preparations is over - and the reality of getting back to life, seems hard.

Everyone (even the Mingo family) returns to their lives.
Life, in fact, demands that we do.

But we can continue to help with our prayers.
Prayers that we will be sensitive to their needs.
And have the courage to 'stop' our busy lives and respond to those needs.
Just like Jordan would do.

Have you ever been sustained by another ones prayers?
I have.
One time, in particular, I had to have a medical 'procedure' and then wait 6 hours for a follow up surgery.
To wait - just wait in the hospital for SIX hours.
But, you know what?
Kind family and friends were praying for me...and I'll be jiggered.
The time literally become 'no time'.
The time was not there.
I can't describe it.
I didn't wait.
There was no time.

So from this tiny example, I know we can bear one anothers burdens - with prayer.
Could we not forget?

Yesterday little Mason in his car seat with Channie next to him said,
"Channie, maybe today we can go way way way up to heaven and see Daddy."
"See Channie there are no clouds."

May the Lord bless this sweet family - that there will be "no clouds" -
that they will feel
Our Saviors Love shine like the sun with perfect light.
Breaking through clouds of strife.

And may our love - and prayers - help
as we share to bear their burdens
and mourn with those who mourn.

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  1. Thank you Aunt Arlenie, for helping us express some of the many emotions we are feeling thru this difficult time.