Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Today is Wed

Arlene here:
That is right.
Today is Wednesday.
We have experienced a lifetime of emotions since Sunday.
Could it really only be Wednesday?

Just a week ago...we had our Jordon here.
He was getting ready for a fun fishing trip with his brother and Dad.
Plans were being made, bags packed.
Excitement building.

Shelley was planning to take all the littles to the Hilterbrand reunion.
Oh...we had fun at that reunion.
84 people!
In fact, Shelley wasn't even concerned when she didn't hear from Jordan.
He usually calls.
"I am here getting ready to take off."
"We have landed."
"We are at the Motel."
"How are you Shel?"
"How are the kids?"
"Does Landon feel better?"

But he didn't.
And Shelley wasn't alarmed.
He is okay- she felt. He is okay.
In fact, she really didn't feel like he was all that far away.

Then Sunday night..when Shel returned home and hadn't heard.
Well............we know every dark and scary road her mind went down that evening and that long terrifying night.
Many phone calls, noone had heard from any of them.
What could have happened?
Did they ever even make it to the coast?
What Motel were they to stay in?
Does anyone know?
Panic - feelings.
Where are they?

When the sun finally came up on Monday.
Well, you can read some of what happened at the beginning of this blog.
We started the blog as a way to keep all 84 Hilterbrands informed.
A family gathering - circling the wagons - so to speak.
Praying..sitting at the computer - leaving only briefly to drop to our knees in prayer.
Then return to follow and watch.

The blog has grown.
Your tender expressions - have changed the dynamics of this blog.
It is now a source of not just information - but strength and comfort.
Thank you.

The terrifying heartbreaking story has unfolded.
Thank you for helping our story to be one that has an end.
We are not still wondering.
We are that hellish feeling of not knowing.
To know is so difficult.
But to not know, well, that would be more difficult.

A tender mercy we feel from our Loving Heavenly Father in this:
Remember...I said Shel didn't feel concern, in fact, Jordan didn't feel all that far away while she was at the reunion.
Well - he wasn't.
In fact, Shel feels that he was with her.
You see, we believe that the body and the spirit are what make the soul of man.
(read more HERE.)
That while alive here on earth - that body and spirit are united.
Much like a hand in a glove.
The glove (body) provides a place for the spirit to dwell while on earth.
Then when someone dies...the body stays here on earth - and in fact, the last gift we often give our loved ones is to care for that precious body and prepare it for burial.
BUT...the spirit. The hand within that glove LIVES ON!

That is why Shel didn't feel panic or alone at the reunion.
Jordan was there.
We believe he was there.
She felt him there.
A sweet tender mercy.
Thank you...Heavenly Father...thank you.

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