Friday, August 21, 2009

It is called the Plan of Happiness

Arlene here:
Some thoughts:
Do you know anyone that has 'lost' someone?
I do.
Whether it be a baby, a spouse, a Mom, a Dad...
A dear friend.

We all lose people - to death.
Death is part of living.

Have you lost someone?
I have.

Sometimes we lose 'things'.
Like health, or jobs, or security.
Sometimes we lose mobility, or function.
Or a relationship comes to an end.

Truth be known, we all do.

Part of living - is losing.

It is called the Plan of Happiness.

So yesterday while sitting in the temple.
(Holiness to the Lord - House of the Lord)
I chuckled.

That is right - I chuckled.
It was a quiet reverent little chuckle..but I chuckled.

The thought that came was.
"Shelley, (the Mingo families) will chuckle, again.
They will laugh."

It is called the Plan of Happiness.
(It is not the plan of grief, lonliness, sorrow.)

Be it soon or late.
Chuckles will come.
Laughter, happiness.

I pray it will be soon - more than late.
It is called the Plan of HAPPINESS.
To have Happiness is the Plan.

1 comment:

  1. I agree. It's called the plan of happiness for a reason. doesn't mean we won't have trials, hardships, hard times, deep dark times, but there is a plan, HE loved us and wants the best for us, knows what is in store for us, even though we can't see it..
    Shelly I'm thinking of you!!!
    Wendy Robinson