Thursday, August 27, 2009

Maybe we can win!

THIS for Shelley.
Isn't it awesome?
It is a Madsen Cycle.
Also called a bucket bike.
And they are having a give away.
So to enter this blog in the contest...and of course, win the bike for Shelley and her little peeps,
be sure to click over to their site...and see more about these great bikes.
Oh - and go to their blog to see the bike in action.
(Scroll down through all the video posts)

Hey, and if you could do like I am doing on my personal blog, (or twitter or Facebook) and enter to win, and just if'n you wanted you could 'gift' your win to Shelley....just saying....or keep it for yourself.
Either way.
Great cycle.
Great contest.
Some lucky winner.

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