Monday, August 10, 2009

jamie (jordan's sister), her feelings are....
they are 100 miles preceding john day airport.
jed is on foot and has been for 2 days, since saturday.
jordan's dad has hurt his leg and jordan is staying with them.
they have enough food.
just need water.
jordan's grandpa (who has passed on) and angels are with them...

PRAY.... the search and rescue will believe us.... (they asked bud if bev was a psychic.)


  1. my prayers are with you all!!!! I know the Lord is aware! I feel that. . . I am taking Shelley and kids dinner tonite at 5:00,


  2. i also have a peaceful feeling inside. i spoke to brother hobbs and he said, "their family was doing everything right. they were living the commandments. they can't help but be blessed." i felt peace when he told me this.