Wednesday, August 12, 2009

From Tyler and Kumari Marshall

Jordan and Shelley Mingo.

Dear Shelley,
When you told me you were pregnant with Landon, you explained that you and Jordan felt that you should not wait to grow your family. I'm glad that you followed those promptings and established your eternal family. The day of your family's reunion will be so much more full of joy with those adorable little ones. It is good to know that we are always being guided and watched over.

My family and I are not strangers to the pain and emotions you are feeling now having lost 3 brothers, one having been a young husband and father to a 7 month old son. This week was the 11th anniversary of their car accident that occurred in Idaho while they were traveling from Washington. I feel as though I am watching your family go through the same tragic roller coaster ride as we did It is still hard all these years later but easier to see the greater plan for us all. It is fun to see his son grow up with so many of his
fathers traits and qualities. Though your children may not remember him much as they grow older, he will not be forgotten in their lives. Find comfort knowing that Jordan is still with you and will never leave you.
Shelley, I know it is a long hard road ahead for you and the family.
Know you can call on us for an understanding ear and a soft shoulder.
We Love you!!
Kumari and Ty Marshall

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