Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I am happy but I am sad.

Arlene here:
I really thought this blog has 'run it's course'.
I feel like I want to just post a bit more.

First of all - THANK YOU to all those who have sent memories and to Heritage Makers for helping us put together a book for Jordan's littles. (Yes, they are donating the service, amazing, huh?)
The vision is - we will keep every word you have shared - in just a binder, and then take favorite snippets and combine those with favorite pictures to make a really wonderful storybook.

Yesterday I thought 'things' were better.
But today knowing it is the funeral and not being there,
Has rendered me useless once again.
I have worn out my carpet pacing the hall...thinking...crying.

My sister sent notes to me after the viewing last night.
I'll share a few for those for you who, like me, couldn't attend.

Barbs words.....

Bev's Relief Society had taken dinner for the family at their home.
Twenty six people there to eat.
"The most delicious meal, ham, potatoes, the works."
Indeed, the Society of Relief.

They had a big display of pictures of all of the men, right in the foyer and a nice video going. It was lovely, gave people something to watch as they waited 1 1/2 to 2 hours to get into the room where the family was.
So many kind people.

You walk into the Primary room.
Three caskets and beautiful flowers.
Makes you feel sadder than sad.

You can't even imagine the people. Regina greeted each one - so kind and sweet.
Her daughters will be such a support to her, they are good to their Mom.

Regina and Shelley - had on their game faces, they did so good.
Sarah, Shel' step sister had people talk about Jordan on a video in another room.
She did such a good job.
That will be such a good memory for Shelley and the kids.

Ryan - Shelleys twin brother, took Channie and Mason home and fed them and played with them for a while.
They were just hungry and so tired.

It was good to see cousins and family supporting one another. Cousins that hadn't seen each other in a long time were able to talk.
I loved that.

The funeral director did such a good job of talking to all the little kids and the adults. When he was reassuring them that their spirits were still alive and that they loved them.
Channie said: "I'm happy but I am sad."

(Thanks to Diane - Shelleys good friend and 'Utah Mom' for this sweet picture)

So are we Channie...so are we.
I am sure that Jordan is having a hard time.
Imagine how sad he is to be on the other side of the veil from his family?

Andy Coats, who spoke at the Memorial service, and his family came.
He gave such a good talk at the Memorial service.
Some other Utah friends came, Shelley was really glad to see them.

Thanks Barb.
Well, I hope reading a bit about the family visitation helped you some, as it did me.


  1. Thank you Arlene, for giving us updates from the Idaho services. I feel we need to get more from those who attended so the rest of us can have closure too.

  2. I am a sister in law to Jodi (one of the Mngo girls) I just got back from the funeral. I t was amazing and sad. Shelley is amazing. I have had the chance to be with Shelley on other occassions (Birthday partys for nieces, ect). She is amazing. I hope people post more about the funeral.

  3. One of my favorite remarks about Jordan came from Bishop Cody Morgan who talked about how Jordan "Set the Mark" in the Minico weight room, and holds records to this day. Cody said he was so thankful to Jordan for doing that, as many young men (including his own) had something to aspire to because of Jordan. Jordan set the mark physically, but "especially spiritually". Jordan was truly a hero. I would like to get the exact words as Bishop Morgan said it, but I thought it was a great tribute.

  4. thank you for filling us in. i feel so bad that i wasn't able to get work off for the funeral. have you considered having this blog printed? you can have it done through shutterfly i think? it is heart breaking, but i wasn't sure if any of the families wanted it for some of the details on it. just a thought. I will miss being informed about how everyone is doing. i hope shelley remembers that we're all here to help with ANYTHING.
    love, April

  5. Shelly,
    I was so devastated to hear this news. You may not remember me but we worked together at Stylin salon about 5 years ago. You are one of the sweetest people I know which makes this news even harder. I just want you know you are in our thoughts and prayers.

  6. Sorry but is it too late to send pictures for the book? I have some that i would like to share but have not sent them. Thanks.

  7. NO it is not to late...SEND THEM.