Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Heartfelt thank you

Goes to the:
with Dave Guzman as the commander.
Thank you for your tireless efforts.
Thank you for finding the plane...a 'needle in the haystack'.
Your work as 'search and rescue' was conducted so kindly and professionally in our behalf.
Thank you for working all day - until the job was done.
Thank you for helping us.
Thank you for bringing our 'boys' home.
Shelley Mingo
Bev Harman

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  1. It has been an emotional day here at Jordan's work. He was an incredible employee, extremely honest and loved. Jordan was an important part of M&R Construction and responsible for overseeing the majority of our work. There have been a lot of calls and concern by subcontractors and associates here. Jordan will be sorely missed. We have opened a "Jordan Mingo Memorial Trust" account at Mtn. America Credit Union to give the subcontractors, architects, and asssociates that Jordan worked with an opportunity to give.
    Matt Miller