Friday, August 14, 2009

Today - a time to preserve a memory

Arlene here:
I live a million miles away.
I may exaggerate a tad.
But it might as well be a million.

Too far to turn about (after the reunion) and attend the Memorial Service today.

Memorial: preserving the memory of a person or thing; commemorative: memorial services.

So tell me.
Tell us.
Those who couldn't attend.
Those who may forget that are only 4, 2 and 3 months.

How was it?
Let us get 50 comments.
Could you do that?

And while you have been attending the service - I have been reading your wonderful words, words, words.
Having my own little private memorial, if you will.

A few of those words...
remember when Shelley started liking Jordan in high school, she was so GIDDY!!"

" Shelley married an AMAZING man....Jordan was the most caring, kind, gentle, thoughtful, thankful, hard working, generous man i have ever met. He was nuts about Shelley and she was nuts about him."

"Although he wasn't a man of many words he would highlight scriptures that he felt would help me. He taught me to be patient and to do the job..."

"This book is for the family, well I am proud to have just a mere couple paragraphs in my dear friend Elder Mingo's book. Know that he has touched and changed peoples lives by sharing his talents."

"We love baseball in our family....When Casey was 6 or 7 and would go out and play baseball, and do the fantasizing that all little boys do, when he came up to bat he always wanted to be Jordan Mingo. He didn't want to be Babe Ruth, or Mickey Mantle, or Mark McGwire, or anyone else on the Minco team. It was always "Jordan Mingo is coming to the plate.... I can only hope and pray that each of my sons want to be Jordan Mingo, not just in fantasy, but in real life, and follow his example. He did well."

Here we are.
A day of memorial.

Please share.
Please preserve a memory.


And, hey, if you haven't written a long letter to all those you love.
Those that are important in your life.
Would you do that, also?
Just one week ago - every word that Jordan recorded
Has become priceless to his loved ones.
Life is so fragile.
So fragile.


  1. I wish I could be there at the memorial service too. Thank you, Arlene, for putting into words my thoughts each day. Many of us are feeling the same feelings and having those same's nice to check the blog and have it put into words.

    good luck today to Shelley and her cute kids. Good luck to all of us who are mourning with those that mourn. We love you Shelley Sue.


    PS....please comment about the service....100 comments would be great!! I'd cherish every one of them.

  2. Shelley,

    You may not remember me, I am Brea Williams (now Saine), I am Chelsey Williams older sister, so I was a grade ahead of you and Jordan. I have been following your blog everday since I heard about the accident. I have not spoken to you or Jordan since I graduated from Minico, but I sure remember your beautiful face and I remember Jordan's quiet, yet friendly disposition. I have seen your pictures of the two of you and Jordan still appears the way I remember him. I did not know the two of you got married or had 3 beautiful children, but today as I sit in Washington DC, you and your family are in my heart. I was recently married in January and I know the day we get married... it is the greatest decision and then to have children become a part of that picture is an even greater reward. Jordan will forever be your best friend. My heart aches thinking about what you will have ahead of you, but clearly you have friends and family to support you each and every step. The Lord never gives us more than we can handle, even though I know you probably wonder how to stand up right now. I also wanted to suggest a song, it is called "Carry On" by the Bens Brothers. I played it on my wedding video, because I thought it was so beautiful. The day we get married, it is such a beautiful moment, yet we know there will be mountains to climb in the future. Shelley, you are a wonderful mom and your kids will need you.....please find time to seek your own comfort. Find a way to make YOUR heart happy. I am praying for you, your children, mother in law and sister in words will ever be able to replace what you have lost, but I know if I was you, the words of all the people who have now become a part of your life would give me a ray of sunshine. Stay strong, cry when you need to, but you will also laugh again.

    All my love to you and your family. Your kids are because you and Jordan fell in love. What precious memories you will have of Jordan in their faces and personalities. That is a treasure all in itself.

  3. When people pass, I try remembering things about that person that made me smile. With Jordan that’s not hard to do. Playing ball and growing up with him was always memorable no matter what we were doing. He would always put that mischievous grin on his face and look the other way when he was trying to pull a fast one over on you. He got so flustered when the two of you started dating and your name would come up. Jordan was a work horse no matter what he did, he would do it 110%. Anyone who knew the family would tell you that if your boys needed to be taught what a good work ethic was, Ron could teach them. He will be missed by many, but always remembered.

    Josh Bartlome’

    Shelley, I sent an e-mail through the address on this blog because I couldn't figure out how to leave a comment until now. I hope it finds you.

  4. It was an amazing service! I don't think there was a single dry eye in the congregation. Shelley has shown us such strength. I feel all this has made my husband and I re-evaluate our lives for the better. After it was over we just kept saying we have so much to work on to even compare to the Mingo family. They are so strong! And the music was amazing I still have chills from the song "In This Very Room" I truly did feel that Jesus was in that very room comforting all of us!

    What a very special family! Are prayers and love are always with you!

    Love Travis & Amy Barney

  5. Shelley-
    I wanted to know that I came to the funeral services today. I wanted to talk to you afterwards, but saw you were doing some family things, and didn't want to introde.
    The funeral service was sooo amazing and beautiful. You are sooo strong, so wonderful and such a beautiful daughter of God. You were soo lucky to find your Prince Charming and marry him and have a wonderful family with 3 gorgeous kids. I was always so impressed when I came over, how fun and active Jordan was with the kids, he is such a great father and loved you soo much, you just just see it.
    Please know that you can call me anytime, ask me for anything, big or small, and I will run over and be there for you.
    You have all my prayers, love and hugs and I have been thinking about you and your wonderful kids since I heard the news. You are so lucky to have been married to a man, you lived for such a short time on this earth, but was so ready and prepared to leave when it was his time to be called home.
    Let me help you with anything..
    Lots of love and hugs,
    Wendy Robinson

  6. A note about the service and Shelley.
    She looked beautiful.
    She looked strong.
    She looked have so many friends come and support her. She is amazing and I loved all she said during the service. It was a great tribute to her husband and best friend. I wish her all the best in the future and may the Lord bless her and her little, beautiful family.
    Emily Claridge Morgan

  7. Shelley- This is Melissa (Jackson) Titensor, I am really good friends with your sister Linzy. I remember the first time I saw you and Jordan together. You were going to a high school dance together. I remember thinking that you were such a cute couple and you just went together so well. I remember being at your apartment in Provo when Jordan was still on his mission. Just the way you talked about him it was so evident then how much you loved him and how much he loved you. I believe Heavenly Father knew that he needed to make your love strong from the begining. He knew Jordan's life would not be long but he had three special angels that needed to come before he could call him home. He knows that you can do it. He has given you angels in Heaven and here on earth to help you all along the way.

    "His hands are catching your tears,
    Even without any words He hears.
    You feel so far but He is right where you are
    and He knows; every breath and every pain.
    He knows your heart, He knows your name."

    Melissa Titensor

  8. This is Austin.
    I still have a hard time believing that Jordan is gone. It has been pritty hard on me, and my wife Brittany.
    I came prepared with 2 packs of tissues to soak them up, but i didn't (but i did go threw a few tissues). It was the most uplifting service that i have ever been to. It brought me closer to my father in heaven, and strengthened my testimony. the spirit was so strong! you could feel Jordan's spirit there as well.I wasn't shocked to see so many people their because i know how awesome Jordan was. Some people i haven't seen in 10 years. It's amazing how one man can touch so many lives.

    Shelly was a rock she is such a special person. Jordan and her were meant for each other. Her testimony touched my heart in so many ways. It was awesome hearing from her, and all the fun times that Jordan and Shelly had together.
    Jordan is the greatest friend someone could have. I am so greatful that i was close to him. The stories were great and helped me remember things about Jordan that i had forgotten. everything was special and happy! Because Jordan was such a happy person.
    I came away from this special memorial feeling refreshed and thankful for the plan of salvation. I wish every one could have been there, to feel the spirit that i felt today.

    Mingos we love you,

    Austin and Bittany Mitchell
    Forgive my spelling and grammar skills! I suck at writing.

  9. My name is Melissa Miller. Jordan worked for my husband, Matt.
    We attended the memorial today. While we were standing in line many people were crying. I think they felt the Spirit so strong they just couldn't help but cry.
    The service was amazing. Matt and I came away feeling better. We have been so worried, but we felt such a comfort.
    Shelley gave amazing remarks. Thank you for speaking to us. You comforted all of us.
    Matt and I went to the temple earlier this week, what an amazing place! The peace that we can feel while in the temple is more than words can describe.