Sunday, August 16, 2009

Heritage Makers

Arlene here:
Heritage Makers :
Is a wonderful company that is in the business of preserving stories.
They are a storybooking company.

"We can help you record all of your precious memories before they slip away."

Chris Crandall, co-founder, has contacted us and is willing to help us make that big fat yummy book of memories.
Now, how surprising and wonderful and nice and kind and great is that?

Truly a gift that will become more precious with each passing year.

One last send entries for this book.
You can be part of this book of memories.
(and thank you to those who have already sent memories - reflections and pictures)
Pictures - memories.
Family - friends - missionary companions - high school acquaintances - fellow workers - please send via email or snail mail.
Send them to me...

p.s. We all have precious memories to preserve.
Heritage Makers has many options available to do just that.
Thank - you Heritage Makers.

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  1. I just wanted to share how absolutely amazing Shelley was at the funeral on Friday! She looked so beautiful! She was amazingly strong when she got up and spoke about Jordan and how much she loves him. I was completely taken back by her strength and courage to go on. While the kids were singing I set in my seat not to far away from Chantel and watched this beautiful girl sing! I couldn't hold back the tears watching her sing so loud for her Daddy and know what an amazing Mommy she has. Our sweet Shell is going to have some hard days ahead of her but I know she is a women of strong faith and confidence. I remember how happy and how her face would light up when we would talk about Jordan. I remember when she was in our wedding she just could not wait for Jordan to get back so it could be her turn. I remember when we had our babies and she would tell me all about how good Jordan was to her during their hospital stay. I remember one day playing at their house and all 4 kids (including mine) had their little faces up against the window and saw Jordan drive in! They heard that front door open and off they went DADDY, DADDY and Jordan, Jordan! Nothing like having Daddy come home! I remember in Kindergarten when Regina dropped Jordan off and he sat by the front door kicking and screaming "I WANT MY MOMMY!" Shelley has so many memories of Jordan to hold onto! Lets all just not forget that her pain is going still be there in the weeks, months and years to come. Shelley I want you to know how much I learned from you on Friday and your strength and confidence! You are amazing and I know you are going to do the same with your babies! When your having those bad days remember how much Jordan loves you and how PROUD of you he is!!!
    Love you so much!!!