Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What can I do?

Arlene here:
Are you like me..pacing back and forth.
Checking this blog - reading comments.
About 1,687,439 times an hour?
Do you find yourself thinking.
"Oh, what can I do?"
Well - we (her sister and I) have an idea.
Shelley needs some things.
1) Our love
2) Our prayers
And let's be honest, folks - 3)cash.
Yip....she will need some cash to help her over the next bit until she can get her feet back under her.
Now if you are like me, you have this great big heart and are wishing about now - you had won the Publishers House Sweepstakes (we don't do lottery, ya know).
But if it is true that many hands make light work, it is also true, many dollars add up to lots of dollars.
If you would like to send some cash to Shelley.
Here is an easy way to do it.
Log on to PayPal. (If you have an account - if not easy to create one)
Click on the 'send money' tab.
To: shelleymingo@gmail.com
From: (your email address)
Put in your amount.
Click the 'personal' tab.
And then 'gift'.
It is that easy.
(p.s. Those of you that know that Shelley doesn't 'do computers' don't worry, Linzy - Shelleys' sister who is computery will help her move it from the Payapl account to her bank.)
Indeed, many hands make light work....and this is something we can do...it will even last longer than flowers.
Of course, those who would like to send money the traditional way with a card - that works also.


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  2. Yes, thanks for the info. I do check this blog about that many times every hour. Still trying to understand. If there is anything else we can do we will. I am Shelley's cousin from the Morgan side. We live in American Fork. I want to go over to the house but I am not sure if it is swamped with people and how Shelley is feeling today. I am sure her relief society is doing all they can. Thanks for all the updates. Amber

  3. Shelley you have our love and our prayers already and we will do whatever we can financially to help you. I love you so much. You've always been so prepared for everything and an example of all things good and I know the Lord will bless you with strength and comfort beyond your capacity. I'm sure you've already felt it but so you know along with all your family we are here too anytime to lift your burden. Nothing is inconvenient to be able give you and your family relief. We love you and Jordan and the kids.

  4. To all the Mingo girls: My heart aches for you. You are in our prayers. We love you. You are all examples to me---you can do this hard thing together and with the grace of God. He will help you.. Shelly and Jordan are 1 in every way. High school sweethearts on through eternity. Jordan has left a legacy of love to his family and to our God. We love Jordan and his good example. Some day we will all look back on this life and actually thank Heavenly Father for this opportunity of testing. The days are just tooo long now. I wish we could peer into the spirit world once in a while. Trust in the Lord Shelly---He knows the good things in store for you and your eternal family. I love you all Ileen Coats