Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Trust Fund

A trust fund has been set up.
Mingo Family Trust fund.
At any Wells Fargo Bank.
The monies will be for Shelley and her three children.
Chantel - 4 years old
Mason - 2 years old
Landon - 3 months old.


  1. Shelley,

    I have been thinking of you and your sweet family all day. We are praying for you all. We love you so much.

    The Butchers (Chels, Lance, and Carson)

    I have left a few more comments under my google account "Chels" and I didn't realize I wasn't stating which one (in case you knew anymore).

  2. Shelly-
    I wish each member of the Hilter family could take your pain and spread it amongst us all. I know that's not really possible, but please know that we are feeling this with you as much as we can. You are in our thoughts and prayers constantly. I can't quit thinking about you and pray you can feel some peace and comfort.
    We love you.

  3. Can you please provide the account number for the trust fund? Here in Las Vegas, they won't allow any money to be deposited without providing the account number. Thank you!

    Regina and Shelly,
    Our hearts are full and are praying for you and your family. May God bless you with comfort in the moments to come! We are so grateful that Jed was the best man in our wedding - it is a moment we will forever cherish!
    Dan and Kerry Price

  4. Price family if you want you can to donate through the "donate" button on the side of the page. We hope you understand as we do not want to share account numbers via the internet.

  5. Shelley,

    Mallory called and told me of your loss. I am so sorry to hear that, and my thoughts and prayers are with you.

    I also had a hard time locating the trust fund at Wells Fargo. I ended up having them call a branch in Lehi to get the account #, which the teller at Wells Fargo was more than happy to do for me. She mentioned the account might not have been set up correctly for them to pull up the information, so you might want to look into that.

    We love you Shelley and the Mingo Family.

    Teresa and Brian Hardy