Monday, August 10, 2009

the ground crew made it to the site and have found their 3 bodies. shelley is in shock. my mom is going to lehi to be with her. shelley's bishopric gave her a blessing... all about decisions, eternity, etc.

we love you shell. we are confident that you will raise those kids the way jordan would want you to raise them. i love you. if anyone can get through this, it is you. you are my strength. i love you.


  1. My girls wanted to know what was happening before they went to bed. We told them that the airplane had crashed, and all 3 died. They said that is bad. Ashtyn said "Were they doing good things? cuz if they were, then they are with Jesus now." We had just read Alma chapter 41. Hailey said, "I know they will come back to life some day, I just know it."
    The gospel is true. They are in paradise. They will be resurrected some day. Our hearts are broken, and our loves goes out to you and all the other family members Shelly. We love you, and are here for you.

  2. my dear shell,

    I cannot tell you how bad we all feel.Our thoughts and prayers are all with you. And Regina too.No one can ease the pain but Jesus.Those poor little kids they needed a daddy. Love you , Love you gma

  3. Shelly,
    I just want you to know how much my heart goes out to you at this difficult time. Just know that so many are praying for you and your little ones. Just know that God is in control and you and your babies will see Jordan again soon. I love you and am here if you need ANYTHING!

    Jordyn Tominaga

  4. Shelley,
    I just wanted to mention again how deeply sorry we are for your loss. I have just been telling Lance how he was such a great man, and that he came from such a good family. Lance even remembered him from Jenni's reception and said oh yeah he is that blonde guy that came up and just chatted with us. So nice. He left a great impression on everyone. I am sure he is in Heaven right now smiling down at all you guys.We mourn your loss. We are all thinking of you and praying for you. We love you so much. You both are such amazing wonderful people.

  5. Hey Shelley,

    I just heard about your tragedy. So sorry!! It is Horrible to lose those you love. Never is a way to be prepared to miss them until the eternities. Great thing we know God's plan, yet still hard to live without them day to day. I know that God sends angels to help us. I'm no angel, but I'd be glad to help with kids, to cry with, whatever.



  6. shelley, words can not begin to express my deepest sympathies. i only wish to express our love and condolences to you and your family at this most difficult time! i have always been touched in an uplifting way by your family. we will keep you and the children in all of our prayers! with so much love, terra hutchings

  7. Shelley,

    We are sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers have been with you all day. May God's love comfort you during this hard time. We don't always understand God's plan for us, but he will be there to help you through this trial. I know Jordan was your sweetheart and best friend and he will be missed by all of us. Cherish the memories you have made together. We love you.

    Love, Clark and Tina

    To the rest of the Mingo family our hearts go out to all of you and we are so sorry.

  8. Shelley,
    I am so, so sorry for your loss. I want you to know that my prayers are with you.
    May your memories give you strength.

    Your Cousin Kim (Forster)

  9. I just wanted to tell all of the Mingo family how sorry I am. My heart is breaking for you right now and I can't find the words to express how deeply sad I am for your loss. Your family has always been so loving and kind to my family. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you right now.
    Ronny Hahn's sister-Lindsey Johnson

  10. Shelley,
    There are no words to express how sorry we are for your loss. We just wanted you to know we were thinking of you and your family. Our hearts ache as does yours.

    Your friends,
    Cindy & Leroy Bartlome

  11. Shelley, We are so sorry for your takes lots of faith to get through things like this....You will have the faith it takes...never doubt yourself....aren't we so thankful for the Gospel's Plan of Salvation! Know that we love you and you are in our thoughts and prayers daily....Experience is a hard teacher. She gives the test first, the lessson afterwards....May God bless your family now and forever....Vicky Parke-a cousin.