Friday, August 14, 2009

the night before...

i just don't want to go to bed. i know for shelley, she didn't want to go to bed either. for, after tomorrow... it is half way over... once the services are over, she has to try to find "her life"... her new life. she could barely keep her eyes open tonight. there have been so many friends, family and just great neighbors lending their helping hands and support to her. i know that she is sooo grateful. we went on a little outing today... i had her to myself... :) well, she brought her phone along... so we didn't get much chatting done, cuz she has so many people calling her and just letting her know of their support. how wonderful is that? thank you.

mason (age 2) said today, "mom, i want my dad. i want to go to heaven so we can be with dad. i want to go way way up to heaven. and i want you and you and you..." i am so grateful we have the knowledge that life does not end at the grave. we will be eternal families.

i know that little kids sense things... when we were at the family reunion... on friday... about noon... mason said, "i want my daddy!" ...that was about when the accident happened.

to see my sister going through this, i just can't imagine the pain she is feeling.
the pain jordan is feeling.
he loves her sooo much. words can't describe how much he loved her. i don't know that i have seen very many couples who love each other as much as they do. they say, "actions speak louder than words" this is so true for jordan. you knew he loved her because he never stopped serving her. he made sure she was okay and happy.
jordan was the ULTIMATE father! he loves his kids. and they loved him. he never put anything before his wife or kids.
i remember when shelley and jordan were engaged (7 short weeks) and i was dating.... i remember asking jordan what he thought of the guys i was dating. i loved to ask him. i knew wanted what was best for me.
i always looked forward to seeing jordan at get-togethers... he brought with him a great spirit. a humble and loving spirit. we will miss that.
shell... i love you. i look up to you. thank you so much for being the great example you are to me. and i really mean that. you mean the world to me. when i think about how hard it might be down the road... i think... shelley can do this. she is so strong. if anyone can do this... it is shelley.
if you are wondering what you can do for shelley... send her an email... let her know (and her kids know) a memory you had of jordan... they are going to cherish those WORDS WORDS WORDS...
thanks for sharing these pictures... jodi and chris

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  1. Shelly, you don't know me. I live in Oregon. My husband was killed in an airplane crash a year and a half ago. If you need a friend,to listen or to talk to, I can be that friend. You can do this. I know your pain. Just remember, this is temporary. Sincerely, Pam