Thursday, August 13, 2009

Words Words Words

Arlene here:
We want to paint a picture with words.
No - we want do more that 'one picture is worth a thousand words' we want a BIG FAT BOOK of words.

YOUR words.

What do you remember from being 4?
Or 2?
Or 3 months?
Not much, huh?

So we want to create a book.
With YOUR words.
Here is how.
Write memories, recollections, specific details....all the little things.
About Jordan.
I remember one time....
He always.....
Oh, once we were....
Those memories...lots of them.
Can't you just see this big fat yummy book full of them?
It doesn't have to be fancy - on the back of an envelope - scrawled on a napkin.
We will take it just as it comes tumbling out of your memory.

What was his smile like?
His laugh?
What do you know that made him happy?
Was he ever into mischief?
Did you ever hear his testimony?
Was he silly?
What 5 words best describe him?

Details....write in detail, his walk, his look, the way his eyes twinkled, the way he interacted with his children.
Oh, you can be sure, Shelley will share but we want more...a Matthew - Mark - Luke - John kind of more.
But this will be every Billy - Susan - Jon - Mary's record

Write write write
Words words words.
Then send them to me.
Snail mail: 12609 East 25th
Spokane Valley WA 99216

You have the opportunity to write a book.
A BIG FAT yummy wonderful book.
That will be read and read and read.
By an audience of three.
Chantel, Mason, Landon.
You can BE their memory.

Now start...while the ideas start coming - start making notes, compile you thoughts, record your memories - ideas.
Words - words - words.

p.s. If you attend either the Memorial service or funeral..will you also do the same?
What were your impressions?
How did you feel when you drove up?
How did those three little children look to you?
(Imagine them reading your words at 12 - 14 -18)
They will be precious words.
What was the weather like?
Who did you see there?
What did the spirit whisper to you?
How do you see the hand of the Lord in all of this?
How was their Momma?
What feelings do you have about their Momma.
Did you feel different when you left than when you arrived?
Lots of different people.
Lots of different words.
A wonderful gift you can -
Give to Jordan -
For his little family.

Thank you.

ALSO: Please help us spread the word.
Do you have a Facebook page or Blog
Please post this.
"Do you know someone that knew someone that knew Jordan Mingo (married to Shelley Morgan). He was killed in a plane crash. We are collecting a book of memories for the surviving children. (4,2 and 3 months) Please go to for information on how you can contirubte.


  1. This is a fabulous idea. I will do my part. I would want this for my daughter and grandkids. barb

  2. This is a great idea. I just want Shelly, Regina, and all the Mingos to know that we are praying for you all every night here in Arkansas. I just finished reading and crying over this entire blog. Our hearts go out to you guys. Just know that we will continue to pray for you all. I know that the Mingo Family is celestial. You guys are amazing. We love you.
    Haylie (Coats) Redder

  3. I remember when Shelly and Linzy were living in Provo right after Linzy graduated from high school. I was a frequent visitor in the "Morgan" residence. Shelly was always open to having one of Linzy's friends come and visit. I have one particular memory of Shelly waiting for Jordan to come home from his mission. She had a jar of either skittles or M & M's that she kept as a countdown for Jordan's homecoming. Even though they were miles away I could see the love in her eyes. Many years down the road as I was sending away a missionary my thoughts kept going back to Shelly and her jar of candy.

    To the Mingo's no words can express my feelings of inadequacy to give you comfort. Your family is in my prayers and thoughts.

    Casie (Bowen) Taylor